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Restaurant Employee Worker’s Compensation Injury Claim

Case Background:

ICORP was asked to investigate a worker’s compensation injury claim for a chain restaurant whose employee claimed to have been injured by lifting heavy pots while working as a sous chef. The subject requested paid sick leave for 12 weeks and reimbursement of medical bills.


While reviewing the case history, the investigator noted the subject was treated for a cut on his right calf, an injury inconsistent with his sous chef position given the uniform requirements. After an extensive review of the subject’s social media accounts, a photo was discovered of the subject posing with a group of workers from a local moving company. The investigator contacted the moving company, which confirmed that the subject was a part-time contractor who worked with the moving company on an as needed/as available basis. They noted that the last time he worked was two days after the subject’s last day at the restaurant and after the subject had filed a claim.


Further investigation revealed the subject was actually injured on a moving job, which also caused the cut on his leg. ICORP’s client saved several thousands of dollars in disability and medical costs.