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Innovative Risk Identification & Cost Containment Solution

i-Justify Managed Calls are the most advanced approach to date which verifies the authenticity of a claim.



Superior surveillance is our formula for success. Skillful and accomplished investigators simply get more impact surveillance video. Our talented team can help you.


Insurance-related cases such as disability claims, motor vehicle or work-related accidents and issues of negligence can be costly and time-consuming. We have the right experience and skills to help you effectively tackle these issues.


Our investigators have extensive experience in handling railroad, travel insurance, marine, and property theft and fire claims. We continue to expand our services in response to the emerging needs of our clients.


By using only employee investigators, not subcontractors, ICORP clients get the benefit of knowing that their case is handled by appropriately licensed and trained investigators who care about the long term client relationship and have no conflicts of interest with other cases.


Our team includes former insurance company claims adjusters, legal case managers and other specialists who understand what it means manage an investigations department. This first-hand client perspective enables us to anticipate client needs and go beyond the standard investigative services and reporting.

Service Driven

ICORP’s communications protocols are the best in the industry. Our investigators and support team are highly responsive and provide proactive status and case information that consistently exceeds our clients’ expectations.

Frustrated with the investigative companies on your vendor panel? Need a change?

ICORP Ranked Top 2 on National Panel

In 2016, out of over 100 nationwide and regional investigative companies, ICORP Investigations was ranked one of the top two investigative companies with regards to workers’ compensation investigations. This was based on all aspects of the investigation including impact video, SIU field work, communication and administrative updates both verbal and electronically. ICORP Investigations continuously strives to stay on top in the field of investigations. Let ICORP’s team help you.

Medical Malpractice Investigations

We utilize a two (2) person investigative team on each case, providing exemplary flexibility in pursuing and filming subjects. Learn more »

Liability Investigations

Our surveillance videos have bolstered settlement negotiations, hindered plaintiffs’ demands, and forced plaintiffs to settle for a fraction of their initial demands. Learn more »

Workers Compensation Investigations

We are ranked #2 out of over 100 investigation companies on a nationwide panel for WC Investigations. Learn more »

Secure Online Forms

We take client data security and sensitivity very seriously. We protects users’ data from their browser to their inbox. With our multiple levels of form security, including HIPAA compliance, you can trust that your data is being transferred and managed via the most secure methods. Learn more »

Litigation Support

Our individually tailored prep service plans are conducted in an effective, but discreet and time sensitive manner — arming your firm with the information necessary for success in even the most complex matters. Learn more »

Social Media Investigations

We interpret social media data in a customized way to meet our clients’ specific needs. Our Social Media Background Reports save our clients valuable time and money. Learn more »

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