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Desktop Investigations

Desktop Investigations | Background Checks | Social Media

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Our desktop investigations are a comprehensive way to make an informed decision on a person or business. We dig deep to provide you with the best information available so you can make an informed decision. Our background investigations include criminal and civil history, judgements, address history, phone numbers, lawsuits and more. We provide prompt turnaround time for our desktop investigations.

More than ever, companies are reaching out to private investigators to conduct background checks in New York before hiring new employees. Automated background checks that rely on algorithms are everywhere on the internet. They claim to provide the best results available.  The rates are reasonable and the results are instantaneous. However, are the results trustworthy enough to make important decisions? We don’t think so. We see firsthand, important information missing from these database reports that our investigators later discover

First off, we conduct all background checks in New York on reliable private investigator databases. Then, our investigators dig into internet sources, social media, and place phone calls if necessary,  to make sure no stone has been unturned with the background investigation. At this point, we are comfortable with our findings and initiate the final report.

What can a background check include?

  • Social Security Number
  • Court Records
  • Property Owned
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Driving Record
  • Vehicle Sightings
  • Bankruptcy
  • Address/Locate Search
  • Assets
  • Associates
  • Employment
  • Phone Numbers
  • Social Media

How can ICORP help you?

Types of Background Checks

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