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Criminal Investigations

Get Comprehensive Insights into Any Criminal Investigation with ICORP Investigations

At ICORP Investigations, our New York City private investigators can get comprehensive insights into criminal investigations. At our agency, we are proud to offer thorough investigations that combine modern techniques with classic investigative strategies. Our searches for information and evidence involve interviewing witnesses as well as combing through potential leads to gain the most conclusive results possible.

Uncovering all the facts is essential to a successful criminal investigation. When every detail matters for both public safety and justice, it’s important that no stone goes unturned so an accurate conviction or acquittal can be made with confidence. Criminal investigations benefit those accused of crime in proving their innocence as well maintaining trust in our judicial system by making sure convictions are based on careful examination of evidence.

Our Modern Techniques and Classic Investigative Strategies

Headed to court? Don’t go it alone! It takes a village – and sometimes an independent private investigator – to ensure that justice is done. With specialized skills, exclusive access, and an array of strategies at their disposal, our New York private investigators can provide invaluable support in uncovering the facts for prosecution or defense teams alike.

At ICORP Investigations, we make your defense a priority, applying proactive and no-nonsense tactics to achieve the best possible outcome for you in any criminal matter, whether local or state/federal. With an unbeatable experience record behind us plus our commitment to integrity and professionalism with every case we take on – from small issues through serious ones – let us provide unbridled support when facing wrongful accusations head on.

Our criminal background investigations are conducted by the best in the business – experienced investigators combined with highly-trained professionals using a detailed interview process and thorough research utilizing computerized information systems, as well as local court records reviews. Let us help provide essential insights to ensure safety and security for yourself, family, employees and partners alike!

Experienced Professionals

Uncovering the truth can be difficult but with ICORP Investigations, you have access to experienced professionals that will work tirelessly and deliver results. With our team on your side, you can trust that your case is in good hands. Don’t suffer in silence – contact us today for a free consultation and let’s get started on finding your facts!