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Social Media Investigations – Features

Social Media Background Investigations

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Our technology paired with a social media investigator.  Thats how we conduct our social media investigations. We analyze and intrepid the data pertaining to the claim. Our Social Media Background Investigations are a trusted solution to detect fraudsters.

  • Significant Process Optimization
  • Our analysts work investigations and we reduce your administrative burden
  • Cost saving to the balance sheet
  • Ability to include SM data gathering as part of claims validation process
  • Improved fraud detection
  • Consistent & Professional approach
  • Court Compliant in terms of data gathering
  • White/private labelling
  • High Volume capability per day, per week, per month
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Private Label Reports

ICORP Investigations provide private label reports. Provide us the logo and we’ll use that on the social media report and customize header colors to match the logo.

Meta Data For Authentication

We preserve all meta data and save it on our system. The meta data authenticates and shows the information has not been tampered with

Conducting Social Media Investigations are more important than ever when handling a claim.

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