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private investigator nyc,icorp investigations private investigatorAt ICORP Investigations, we begin each surveillance investigation assignment with direct communications with the claims handler to develop a precise strategy in order to achieve the overall objectives.

ICORP has established a reputation for QUALITY investigations.  Word spreads very quickly in the investigative industry if you are a company that supplies an inferior work product. Claims adjusters use us because they know the quality of our work and they trust our work product.

You can also be sure that we document the facts correctly. Court Questions if Insurer Actually Watched Video Surveillance Used to Deny LTD Claim, or Just Read the Report

Our insurance claim investigators will establish a detailed and thorough action plan that will ensure all aspects of your investigation needs are met. The partnership with our clients assists the claims handler in making an informative decision necessary for a positive and cost efficient outcome.

  • Comprehensive Reports (including still photographs)
  • Verbal Mid-Day Updates
  • Electronic Final Day Updates
  • Experienced Investigators Prepared for Litigation Testimony

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