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Insurance Claims Investigations

private investigator nycInsurance Claims Investigations

For more than a decade ICORP’s staff has provided insurance claims investigations investigative to insurance companies, TPAs, independent businesses and defense attorneys. Statewide, regional and national insurance carriers consistently recognize the premier work product of ICORP’s investigation team. Our reputation and commitment to excellence is why Esquire magazine, Pursuit magazine, Lifehacker, Radical Media, BFMTV and other media outlets have sought out ICORP for interviews and expert information.

ICORP Investigations has a dedicated team of professional adjusters and fraud investigators that specialize in insurance claims investigations (Worker’s Compensation, Medical Malpractice, Short Term/Long Term Disability, Corporate, Auto and Liability type claim investigations).

Our professional staff is highly experience and skilled in securing evidence that will assist your claims handler or adjuster with determining if an individual has filed a potentially fraudulent insurance claim. Evidence can also assist with malingering, exaggerated or feigning illnesses or injuries. The proven experience and ethical investigative techniques of our staff will ensure all pertinent information and intelligence is secured in an efficient, concise and expedient manner.


As with all our investigations our staff makes recommendations and suggestions on tasks that might further benefit your case. Surveillance is one example of a recommendation we might suggest once an area has been deemed conducive for the task.

Our experienced Surveillance and Field Investigations have successfully aided in full denials, reduction of settlement offers and have forced plaintiff’s to withdraw their claim or settle for a fraction of their initial demand. The staff at ICORP also makes every attempt to assist in mitigating your exposure with thorough investigations and by also researching the potential for third party recovery, tender or possible co-defendants.

Our adjuster/investigator staff has a proven history and reputation of providing economical savings for our clients whether it is through our investigations or by a nominal settlement reached at mediation.