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ICORP Investigations Means Results

What does Winning Video Surveillance mean for you? Thousands, and sometimes millions, of dollars are saved and won for our clients with our superior video evidence. ICORP videographers provide our clients with irrefutable video providing the material needed to negotiate with plaintiffs, win a defense verdict in a medical malpractice lawsuit and defend the reputation of a health care provider.

Our video evidence saves our clients money and preserves the value of justice. Whether it’s medical malpractice, liability claims or workers’ compensation claims, our investigators deliver winning surveillance video that provides leverage for settlement negotiations. Our investigators often serve as an expert witness in the courtroom, providing testimony that supports our client’s case and is detrimental to the other side.

Surveillance Includes:

  • Real-Time Video Footage
  • Comprehensive Reports (including still photographs)
  • Verbal Mid-Day Updates
  • Electronic Final Day Updates
  • Experienced Investigators Prepared for Litigation Testimony
  • Real-Time Surveillance – Our experienced investigators maintain real-time surveillance utilizing high-definition video and photography at a subject’s residence and during their personal outings, as well as all medical/legal appointments

Our videographers have extensive knowledge in:

  • Exercising cautiousness to avoid detection while operating video camera(s) to capture indisputable and undeniable footage
  • Testifying as highly credible expert witnesses at depositions and/or in court, further providing support to our powerful videos and observations
  • Providing valuable facts, observations and intelligence to clients regarding their subjects

When it comes to video surveillance it’s not about simply creating a video, it’s about understanding how our subjects think and behave, being able to anticipate their moves and properly capturing them through a video documentary.

With over millions of dollars at stake in numerous dishonest and inflated claims, the return on your investment in ICORP Investigations is undoubtedly vast. Our services are known to pay for themselves.

If you have determined that you have a case requiring video surveillance, please contact our office at our phone number and/or email provided. Our staff is eager to demonstrate that we can provide powerful winning surveillance results for you.

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