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Early Insurance Fraud Detection

Insurance Fraud Detection on Social Media

Going Dark

Criminal background reports and financial records are permanent and are not at risk of being erased from a person’s record. However, this is not the case on social media accounts. With the push of the delete button, anyone’s social media history can be wiped out. Never seen again. Not acting early can mean valuable intelligence essential to building your case, will be lost. Reports have revealed that at least 40% of subjects “Go Dark” within a few days of a claim being reported. Attorneys understand how damaging a person’s social media can be for a claim.  It is only natural that they recommend to their clients to “Go Dark.”Our Social Media Insurance Fraud Detection services are an integral part of any claims investigation.


The days of consistently finding no information on a subject on Social Media are over.

More and more people are creating alias’s when creating social media profiles. When you conduct a search with a person’s given name and other provided information, often times, there appears to be no social media or very limited information on the subject. Using an alias can be very effective when trying to hide a social media profile. Algorithms are often inconsistent and do not locate these types of profiles. At ICORP Investigations, we take the time necessary to uncover these types of profiles.

Countless times, ICORP has been asked to conduct a social media investigation when the insurance company, adjuster, or attorney, was not confident in the report they originally received from another company. We have been able to consistently find undiscovered social media profiles that lead to a break-through in the claim.

Conducting Social Media Investigations are more important than ever when handling a claim.

Most Americans use at least three different social media platforms, per a 2018 study from Pew Research, and the number of people using social media has continued to grow over time. Because these platforms have become a common and accepted way to converse and share with others, people are used to posting things and then not giving it another thought. That can make social media a gold mine for investigations into potential fraud and should become standard practice for insurance companies.

4 Tips to Successfully Use Social Media Discovery to Prove Insurance Fraud