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Accident Investigation of Woman Hit By Company Vehicle

Case Background:

ICORP was asked to investigate the claim of a woman who said she was hit and injured by a moving vehicle in a parking lot. The vehicle belonged to a technology company that owned and had offices in the building; the driver was a company employee making a delivery in the company’s van.


The investigator learned that the plaintiff reported the incident three days after it occurred. The employee involved reported it to his company, noting at the time that the plaintiff did not want to file a report or offer her contact information. The plaintiff was asking for $25,000 in compensation for missed work and medical bills. The investigator researched the plaintiff and found she was involved with two similar cases in the past 12 months. An interview of the plaintiff revealed that after the incident she was able to drive to work and complete the workday; it also revealed that the plaintiff had no legitimate reason to be in the parking lot at the time of the incident—no business or personal ties to anyone in the building.


The case was closed without compensation payment and the plaintiff did not pursue her claim further.