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Private Investigator
Explaining the vocabulary of espionage — common phrases that mean something quite different on the lips of spies. Blowback Originally, “blowback” referred to an expulsion of gases, usually resulting from an explosion, pressure release, or the after effects of combustion. It later came to mean unforeseen consequences, often of a political nature. The CIA first used the term in...
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ICORP Donates 5% of Net Profits During COVID-19 Pandemic ICORP Investigations will be donating 5% of net profits to World Central Kitchen, which is a team of food first responders, mobilizing with the urgency of now to get meals to those who need them most. World Central Kitchen is activating hundreds of restaurants and kitchens...
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Surveillance Goals A typical day for an insurance surveillance private investigator consists of providing a midday update to let the case manager know how the investigation is going. Providing detailed information to the case manager is imperative so they can can make an informed decision on next steps with the case.  How the claimant is...
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The safety of our private investigators, subjects, and the general public is the most important thing to ICORP Investigations. It is paramount consideration. Surveillance can be very intense at times and situations arise that cannot be predicted. It is for this, and many other reasons that the investigators must always be vigilant as to their...
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Video Verification New York
We all have a connection to a private investigator featured in movies, television or books. Sherlock Holmes, Magnum PI, Jessica Jones and countless others are cultural icons that have provided many hours of entertainment. But despite our affinity for these fictional private eyes, the value of real private investigators is often overlooked. Many private investigators...
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