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Reducing inflated medical malpractice claims

Advanced surveillance and investigations techniques

Fraudulent and inflated liability claims cost U.S. companies more than $90 billion annually. Legal and claims departments play important roles in reducing these costs, but they can’t do it alone. Many medical malpractice defense attorneys are utilizing private investigation services to provide in depth research and evidence to identify inflated claims and facilitate reduced settlements and favorable trial outcomes.

From high definition video surveillance to comprehensive social media and plaintiff history reports to expert testimony, investigation techniques are getting more sophisticated and beneficial in defending against malpractice claims.

ICORP investigation is hailed as the gold standard of surveillance and investigation services and was recently ranked in the top two out of 100 investigations companies by a leading national insurance company. Law firms, insurers, corporations and self-insured organizations have been utilizing ICORP for more than a decade. ICORP uses the latest surveillance technology, 24-hour case tracking, all-inclusive plaintiff background reports, and effective witness interview techniques. ICORP investigators also provide dependable and effective expert testimony.

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