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If you are looking to hire a private investigator in New York, you must first realize that not all New York Private Investigators are equal. Before making the decision to hire a New York Private Investigator, several factors should be taken into account. Often times, you have one chance to get it right. If the investigation gets compromised in any way, the odds of any future investigation being successful, are greatly diminished.

Private Investigators in New York face a wide array of challenges. Having experienced surveillance investigators is essential when conducting investigations in New York City. Having experienced investigators who understand the scenarios that can happen during the surveillance is essential to the investigation. Whether it is on the subway, bus, clubs, and restaurants, our investigators have the know-how to the get the results you need. Also, the right game plan can often times be the most important part of the investigation. Having the wrong plan for surveillance, can lead to an unsuccessful investigation and more money spent.  Our job as investigators is to provide recommendations to our clients to ensure a successful investigation.

ICORP prides itself on our communication with our clients. Our clients are updated in a timely and secure manner. Our case management system allows us to communicate with our clients day or night, 24 hours a day. We offer our clients same day video for surveillance investigations. Clients can view their surveillance video in our portal.

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ICORP Investigations is a New York based private investigation firm specializing in cheating spouse investigations, family law investigations, insurance claims investigations, background checks, social media investigations and SIU and compliance. Our private detective agency offers surveillance, workers’ comp, liability, medical malpractice, field investigations, desktop investigations and more.

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