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Social Media Investigations

social media investigation

In today’s rapidly evolving social media landscape, social media investigations are an integral part of any investigation intended to make informed decisions about an individual. In fact, no background investigation is complete without one.

Our Social Media Investigations can divulge a compelling story about a person’s history and current interests, associations and activities. ICORP offers in-depth and detailed social media investigations for insurance companies, TPAs, companies, colleges, and more.


We are finding more and more people creating an alias when utilizing social media.  So when you conduct a search with a person’s given name and other provided information, there appears to be no social media accounts or very limited information. This is what happens with a lot of social media investigation companies. Their algorithms simply miss a lot of stuff. This is why we have experienced social media investigators at ICORP. We do not take any short cuts. It’s not how you conduct a proper social media investigation.

We’ve had several instances when we were told by a client that the social media investigation they conducted, provided no relevant information. Sometimes you just know that there is information out there and that other company didn’t conduct the investigation properly. We’ve been able to uncover many accounts that were initially thought to be dead ends. Why did we find the accounts and the other companies didn’t?  Simply put, because of our social media investigators.

Going Dark

Criminal background reports and financial records are permanent and are not at risk of being erased from a person’s record. However, this is not the case with social media. With the push of the delete button anyone’s social media history can be wiped out. Not acting early can mean valuable intelligence essential to building your case will be lost.

Reports have revealed that at least 40% of subjects “Go Dark” within a few days of a claim being reported. Attorneys understand how damaging a person’s social media can be for an insurance claim, so it is only natural that they recommend to their clients to “Go Dark.”

To help our clients maximize information gathering and avoid a subject “Going Dark” during a case, we offer the following social media services:

  • Perform comprehensive review and in-depth search of a wide variety of social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and more)
  • Deliver reports in 48 – 72 hours
  • Collect, copy and gather metadata and hyperlinks
  • Complete authentication of the subject
  • Interpret the social media data according to the unique needs of our clients

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