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Medical Malpractice Investigations

One of the keys to successfully defending your case against insurance fraud and exposing individuals who may be exaggerating their medical disability is expert video surveillance. Coupled with a thorough investigation team that researches and addresses all fraud indicators, ICORP’s approach is lauded as a gold standard.

ICORP investigators anticipate the plaintiff’s allegations and thought process to substantiate or debunk their assertions, and consistently make every effort to secure evidence to defend or refute the alleged claim. Our staff’s field work provides value added information that assists the claims handler/adjuster in making an informed decision regarding their case.

Our clients are confident when cases investigated by ICORP go to trial. Our videographers are routinely asked for their expert testimony, all of our investigations are electronically tracked, and our videos have an embedded date and time stamp and are never edited in any way. ICORP provides trusted and thorough medical malpractice investigative services that save our clients money and provide assurance that all possible evidence has been explored.

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