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ICORP Investigations, Inc. Launches i-Justify Conversation Management

MELVILLE, N.Y., Dec. 10, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — ICORP Investigations, Inc. announces the launch of i-Justify Conversation Management, Innovative Risk Identification and Cost Containment Solution.

i-Justify is the most advanced approach to date which verifies the authenticity of a claim immediately and operates on several sophisticated levels. ICORP’s approach achieves the full detail of any claim and also acts as a solid validation process even when there are no immediate concerns, finding the claims to pay quickly. ICORP believes all claims should be validated correctly and all consumers deserve a prompt response. i-Justify will enable the insurer to see a shorter claim time-span and identify risk much sooner.

Bobby Gracey, COO of ICORP Investigations stated, “We built a business to address the biggest challenge in the U.S. insurance market, bringing innovation against opportunist fraudsters. i-Justify provides a world-leading solution as an overall claims validation process. We are looking forward to getting more details about our new product to existing and new customers.”

About ICORP Investigations
For more than a decade, ICORP Investigations has been a trusted leader in the claims investigations industry. Our clients include some of the nation’s leading law firms, insurance carriers, self-insured businesses, independents and Third Party Administrators (TPAs). ICORP’s success and client loyalty has been built on delivering consistently excellent results, utilizing highly trained and experienced investigators and leveraging the best available technology.