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Video Verification New York

Understanding the Authenticity of the Video Evidence in Your Case

Video evidence is frequently used to support or dispute medical malpractice and general liability claims. Substantive video evidence can change the course of a case. At times, what looks like a valid video, upon expert analysis, may reveal authentication issues that can render the video evidence objectionable or inadmissible, thereby impacting the outcome of the case.

An expert, trained video analyst may be able to authenticate or dispute a video based on a wide variety of technical factors including time studies and environmental analysis. Depending on how and when it is used, expert video analysis can prove to be a “game-changer”. For the defense, authenticating videos in advance of submitting them as evidence will enable a defense attorney to avoid surprises and create an appropriate case strategy. For the plaintiff, having video evidence scrutinized to determine its legitimacy can help determine the credibility of the defense’s case.

ICORP Investigations has developed a new service for our clients that can help them avoid being “snake-bitten” by the pervasive problems associated with video evidence. Video Verification™ is a suite of expert video analyses that includes:
Video device analysis
Time stamp and date stamp analysis
Length and continuity of video evidence
Environmental analysis
Receipt and transfer of video analysis
Raw data file review
Edit software utilized
Geo-location review

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