Our Videographers are recognized in the industry as surveillance EXPERTS. Our team provides video surveillance footage in high definition, which provides incriminating evidence to defend against insurance fraud and settle medical malpractice lawsuits. HD surveillance video is clear, powerful and compelling to juries.

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 Insurance Investigations

Statewide and national insurance carriers recognize ICORP’s investigative team as second to none in the industry. This commitment to excellence is why Esquire Magazine,  Lifehacker, Radical Media, BFMTV News France and other media outlets have interviewed ICORP Investigations.

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 ICORP Litigation Support and Trial Preparation Services

Why trust your litigation support and trial preparation needs to just anyone? At ICORP, our team of experts are on-hand to assist your team with all aspects of legal services to include witness locates and vetting, service of process

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A Company You Can Rely On

Our reputation for excellence did not just “happen”; it has been earned year to year and case after case. For these reasons, ICORP has developed loyal, long-term relationships with clients ranging from America’s leading legal firms, insurance companies and countless individuals

If you have determined that you have a case requiring video surveillance, please contact our office at our phone number and/or email provided. Our staff is eager to demonstrate that we can provide powerful winning surveillance results for you

ICORP Investigations Means Results

What does Winning Video Surveillance mean for you? Money! Thousands, and sometimes millions of dollars can be saved or won for our clients.

As our Videographers provide you with irrefutable video, you will have the material needed to negotiate with plaintiffs, win a defense verdict in a medical malpractice lawsuit and defend the reputation of an innocent health care provider.

Whether you minimize the jury award, and eliminate an insurance claim, our videos save our clients a lot of money and preserve the value of justice.

Our investigations deal with medical malpractice, liability claims, and workers’ compensation claims. Ultimately, our investigators deliver winning surveillance video that provide leverage for settlement negotiations, and save our clients millions of dollars. A typical investigation ends with our private investigators in the courtroom, acting as expert witnesses, and providing testimony that is damaging to the other side.


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